Monday, August 29, 2011

My Story About Cyber Bulling

           There are many types of bulling such as physical, mental, verbal, etc., but one of the main ones is cyber bulling. Here is an example of a girl and cyber bulling.
           One day a girl named Megan got a new email account and she couldn't wait to get to school so she could tell her best friend Shelby.
          "Hey Shelby, guess what!"
          "I got a new email account and I'm going to give you my password and email account name, but don't give it to anyone."
          Two weeks later a new kid came to school and it was a guy that both Megan and Shelby liked. The problem is that the guy only likes Shelby and not Megan. So they both promised to not get mad at each other if one of them goes out with him.
          Two days later Shelby started to go out with the new kid and Megan got mad. So Megan went up to the new kid and started to flirt with him in front of Shelby. Shelby got really mad! Then she remembered that she has Megan's email account, so she started to post lots of naked pictures with Megan's face. When Megan saw the pictures, she was horrified what her best friend put about her. Then kids at school started making fun of her and Megan was really tired of it, so she ran away from home.
          Three days later, the police found her dead in the river. When Shelby found out, she felt really bad about what she did, and saw that she couldn't do anything about it anymore.
          That's why it's important to remember that you shouldn't CYBER BULLING!!

                                                                                                      The End
This story was inspired by some of the videos that we saw in


  1. This is a really good story! Is it based on a true story?

  2. I really like how you used quotation marks, and you punctuation is great!